Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Safely Home

We arrived safely home last night after a long two days of traveling. Misha loved meeting Duncan for the first time and had a big smile on his face! We brought Misha a few photos of Duncan to get him used to a big brother and it looks like it worked! Misha continued to smile when we loaded everything into the van and John started to drive home. It was the most I have seen this little boy smile.

Thank you to everyone who came to DIA. It was great coming out to a group of friends and the big WELCOME banner! Thank you to Heidi and Felix Roge for the great welcome home bags for all three kids! How did you know these kids are cucumber monsters?

Misha woke up screaming/crying around 3:00 am. We had put him in with Mari to keep him comfortable and I think he either had a bad dream or woke up in the dark and was disoriented. Poor little guy. We calmed him down and he slept another hour before his jet-lag took over and he came into our room for "Poppi".

We could not have done this without my Mom who stayed at our house and cared for Duncan. She spent the night last night and woke up and made us all Mickey Mouse waffles for breakfast! Misha's first taste of pancake syrup was a success!

Duncan looks as though he has grown an inch or two in the last 5-6 weeks! We need to measure him to find out. He was a good sport while we were gone and was a really good boy for his Grandma.

Mari will return to school tomorrow - so she had an early evening tonight. Misha will be home with me for at least a few weeks to work on his English, manners, and not hitting, kicking, pinching, or biting. We want to wait until he moves out of his confused "Kid Vicious" stage and has some words to express what he is feeling.

We are now a family of five and we parents will have to work on helping each of our children adjust to the situation and learn to love each other.


Heidi and Felix said...

Yeah! Great to hear that Misha is eager to have a big brother. I'm sure he wil settle down eventually! God's blessings to you all as you start a new family of five!

About the cucumbers...remember when the kids arrived this summer, they all wanted fresh raw cucumbers at the resteraunt. The two girls at our house wanted cucmbers all summer, and when we were in Ukraine in April...everyone served us cucumbers. Seemed natural to give them Cukes! Chalk that one up to Heidi...it was her idea. Glad the kids liked them! The banner was all Kari & Tatum. I just wanted to be there! You are two very special people and I wanted to see your hapiness as your kids walked into their new country and home. Thanks for letting us be a part of the experience.

Heidi & Felix

Rolan, Eileen, Josh and Ransom said...

I'm so excited! This is wonderful! Many very happy days to you all and your new family! Your is such a good testimony at how quickly the process can take. I'll be praying for great wisdom and peace at making the transitions!


Tami said...

Welcome home! I just found your blog and wanted to come by and congratulate you on your newest addition to your family. We just brought our youngest home in February, so we are intimately familar with the transition you are going through. I'm glad to hear its going smoothly. ;>)

Debbie said...

Welcome home and congratulations! Woohoo!!! OK, so who was your facilitator? I need names! ;-)

I'm excited for you that you are now all together. How cute that Misha is so happy to have a big brother. Keep us informed on how your transition is going.

Mare said...

Twy, so good to hear your voice and know that you are all home safe and sound! We send our love and best wishes for your new family of 5!!

Take one day at a time. We'll be looking forward to meeting Mari and Michael. Maybe we can meet up in Chicago this January??? We'll be heading there for auditions for Mel.

We just want you guys to know how happy we are for you!!

God's Peace, M,M&M

DoveFamily said...

Welcome home, and congratulations!

Matt said...

Hi, guys. Already awake in Kiev and finally caught up on your blog. I don't have the words-you know why!!! Thanks for helping with the tickets. You two are the best and I am so glad you made it home without throwing Misha into the Atlantic! We will be home on Wednesday with our 15 year old Ukrainian Princess and I look forward to a continued life-long friendship. Along with you and the Houghton's back home, we may have to start a Sunday School class specific to the needs of Ukrainian kids. This is great.


Val :) said...

Welcome home!!!!

We are so excited for you and wish you all the best - we certainly enjoyed your slide shows, and your stories about the orphanage and the cities.

Glad you are home safe and sound!

Valerie & Marina - Michigan

Albertina said...

Dear Twyla and Johnny,

CONGRATULATIONS!!!, I am soo happy for you, I hope I can meet all the family soon!! I have followed your journey, you are amazing and wish you all the happiness, you deserve it!
Con mucho cariƱo, desde Mexico

Giorgio&Barbara said...

Dear Twyla and Johnny
I'm so happy everything went ok!!
Since beginning this month I follow your blog here and I'm happy to know whats going on in Colorado with my old friends.
Hope to read soon more!! :-))

All the best from snow-covered Switzerland
Giorgio & Barbara

Jodi and Joe Keenan said...

Dear Twyla, Johnny, Duncan and the newest members of the Barrett Family - Mari and Misha:

We spent the day surfing and on a whim decided to google you guys only to learn of your wonderful journey. Both of us are so touched to learn that you have converted the goodness and love in your hearts in such a poignant way. We always knew Duncan was lucky to have such kind parents, and know Misha and Mari are equally blessed. Looking forward to hearing from you soon, and reading updates on the Blog as soon as the dust settles. Best of Luck with your Party of Five!

Love and Admiration,

Jodi, Joe and Joe III Keenan

Matt and Aimee Garrett said...


Christine said...

Congrats! I hope Misha's fighting stage gets better.

Matt and Aimee Garrett said...

It's now December 31st, your blog is now officially boring as HELL! Wake up people!! Matt